10 Top Tools for Your VA Business in 2018

So, you’re a virtual assistant entrepreneur? How do you make sure you are on peak form and meet all of your client expectations? Easy, you ensure you have everything in your toolkit to streamline your processes so that your work takes care of itself. Here are some of the top tools you need to integrate for your VA business this year.

  1. DropBox

For storing and sharing large amounts of files, Dropbox is an excellent choice. You can sync it to your desktop for offline working and share easily using links so you won’t go over the limit via email.

  1. Lastpass

As a VA, we have to be able to access some sensitive information and LastPass gives clients the peace of mind to access their accounts without the VA seeing the passwords. Approval can be revoked and in the dashboard, it’s easy to organize per client.

  1. Asana

Manage a team in Asana where you can allocate projects and tasks as well as track how well everyone is meeting the deadlines. If you have a VA team, Asana can be the place to divide your workload easily and you can invite new members into the team when they join.

  1. Google Calendar

It’s important to understand what time you have allocated and where. With the Google Calendar, you can divide into categories and invite members of your team and clients to the appointment with reminders that you can set, so there is no wasted time.

  1. FreshBooks

This is cloud accounting software that also has a built-in time tracking facility if you want to use it. An excellent way to keep invoices and information together as well as help organize your pricing across individual clients.

  1. Google Docs

Group collaborations for content creators is important and there are few programs that do it better than Google Docs. You can make edits and suggestions that can be approved, look at the history of a document and also ensure that everyone can contribute together. Perfect for virtual collaboration.

  1. HelloSign

Make your paperwork official with the proper signage without having to print out, sign and scan over which can look unprofessional. HelloSign allows you to digitally sign a document straight away and it can also be used on a mobile device on the go.

  1. Canva

If you’re creating marketing images, social content or website design then Canva is an excellent image editing tool that is a favorite among bloggers and Vas because of its extensive collection and flexibility.

  1. Toggl

Recording your time is important for many clients to understand and appreciate your productivity and their invoice. Toggl can separate per client and allow you to export into a report to make invoicing easier and give transparency.

  1. Skype

Emails are great, but you need a way to communicate that is quick, efficient and ensures there are no crossed wires, particularly with difficult projects. Skype is free and allows you to video chat, live message, share screen or group chat so has everything you need.

If you are missing any of these then you are missing an opportunity! Sign up and make sure that your VA business is running as efficiently and effectively as possible this year.

Short Bio

Charlotte is a small virtual business owner at Silhouette Creatives, who juggles life with her 4 cats, two children and husband alongside volunteering. She is always trying to find the right narrative for you and your content.


Website: http://www.silhouettecreatives.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/themummytoolbox/



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